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Make sure you've protected the life you've built.

What is Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance replaces a part of your income if you’re too sick or injured to work.

Disability insurance can supplement long-term disability coverage that you may have through your employer.

What are some&#160;Benefits of Disability Insurance?&#160;<br/>

What are some Benefits of Disability Insurance? 

  • Disability Insurance replaces a percentage of base salary and regular bonus or incentive income.
  • DI can cover retirement contributions and student loan payments.
  • When you pay for this individual coverage with after-tax dollars, any benefit payments you receive are tax free.
  • Your disability policy belongs to you even if you change jobs.

You Can't Work, Your Coverage Will.

The most common myth about disability income insurance is that coverage is only used for rare, catastrophic accidents. The fact is, most people rely on the insurance to cover the income they’ve lost due to disabilities caused by conditions such as heart disease and arthritis. Be informed – protect yourself and your business.

Having Reservations About Purchasing
A Disability Policy?

Some Common Disability Insurance Myths Include: 


“It’s too expensive.”

Group Disability

“I’ve got coverage through work.”


“It’ll never happen to me; I’m too young and healthy!”

Disability Income Calculator

Disability insurance is often overlooked, but it can play a critical role in your overall financial plan. This calculator may help you better assess the your household's "sources and uses" of money, which is one place to start when considering disability insurance."

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